CAFE MOMENTUM January 25 2015



Many of you are familiar with Cafe Momentum.  For those of you who aren't, please take a moment to watch this video from their segment on the Rachael Ray Show. 

We first met Chad Houser in 2012 at the White Rock Local Market when he came by our booth to purchase some coffee.  Kevin recognized Chad and pointed him out to me, and I immediately barraged Chad with 20 questions to learn more about this wonderful program (Cafe Momentum) I'd read about.  Kevin and I knew that we wanted to find some way to get involved and to help.  After discussing some options with Chad, the Cafe Momentum Roast idea started taking shape... we would create a custom coffee and donate a portion of every sale of this blend to Cafe Momentum to help them realize the dream of opening their own restaurant.

A month later at the Cafe Momentum Pop-Up dinner at Central 214, we put the dinner guests' names into a bowl from which was drawn the participants of our "Cafe Momentum Roast Focus Group."  That Focus Group met at the Noble Coyote roastery, where we proceeded to sample coffees for several hours until the group narrowed down by majority vote their favorite single origins, roast levels and blending percentages. And thus was born the Cafe Momentum Roast. (I'm sure many in the group cursed our name when they tried to sleep that night.) 



For the next three years we attended many more Cafe Momentum Pop-Up dinners, brewing our coffee for the people attending the dinner and selling our bags of the CM Roast.  We formed friendships with the remarkable group of supporters who tried not to miss a single CM dinner.  We got to know the young men who were going through the program, changing their lives for the better... showing such strength and courage.  It was both humbling and awe-inspiring to us.  We enjoyed getting to know the extraordinary staff of people who are the architects of this incredible program.  We shed tears, felt chills, and came away renewed and cleansed after each and every CM experience with these awesome kids and the people who believed in them.  And we watched while the plans for their very own place developed not only into a restaurant but also a place for the youth to learn life skills in a comfortable and secure family-like environment.


DRUMROLL PLEASE..... THE RESTAURANT, CAFE MOMENTUM, WILL BE OPENING TO THE PUBLIC ON JANUARY 29!!  And listen... You. Must. Go.  We were honored to be there on the first night of their soft opening.  Tamarrion took care of us.  He did a fabulous job making us feel comfortable, sharing information about the menu, and he excelled at being both charming and entertaining.  Our meals were delicious, we enjoyed a nice bottle of wine, and the dessert was divine.  But even beyond the food were the emotions!  Oh my goodness, the flood of emotions.  It was a magical night.  I can't properly put into words just how much our experience with this organization means to us.  We are so privileged to play even a small part in the lives that Cafe Momentum is changing.

In the words of Mark Twain:
"There are basically two types of people.  People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things.  The first group is less crowded."

Everyone involved in Cafe Momentum is standing in that first group.

If you have purchased a bag of our Cafe Momentum Roast, you have helped us donate to this organization.  Thank you. 

If you are interested in helping us continue to donate to this very important restaurant and cause you can purchase a bag of the Cafe Momentum Roast on our website and at the following locations: 

Cox Farms Market - West Dallas Location

OPERATION B.R.E.W with Lakewood Brewing Company (aka French Quarter Temptress) September 05 2014

About four months ago we acquired a bourbon barrel from our friends at Lakewood Brewing Company.  The plan was to fill the barrel with unroasted, or green, coffee beans and let them sit for a while.  First we created an opening in the barrel, then we filled it with one of our single origin beans, and we let them sit and soak in the delicious aromas and good juju held within those wooden staves.  Both being fans of all things coffee bean, beer and bourbon related, we were understandably very excited about this collaboration.  

This became known as Operation B.R.E.W (Beans Resting Enhanced by Whiskey)


Eventually, we got the call from the crew at Lakewood Brewing Company that it was time to start working with the beans.  Kevin pulled some of the beans out of the barrel, roasted the first batch and cold pressed the coffee beans using a 16 hour extraction.  The flavor was really incredible.  We took the cold press to Lakewood Brewing Co. so they could start working their magic on percentages and the addition of chicory. 




This delicious concoction became the French Quarter Temptress

From Lakewood Brewing Company :

"Capturing the spirit and attitude of New Orleans, French Quarter Temptress possesses the boldness of barrel-aged coffee and chicory within our incredibly smooth 9.1% abv Imperial Milk Stout. Using a process unique to coffee roasting, we partnered with our friends and fellow east Dallasites at Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters to create this unique brew. Now we're ready to celebrate with all of you."

You can find it on tap now at various area bars and restaurants.  Some places are having special "keep the glass" nights, too.  So, go get a glass and laissez le bon temps rouler!


What's in a Name? July 29 2014

We are often asked how we came up with the name Noble Coyote.  If you are familiar with our coffee, you probably know that fair & ethical trade is very important to us. In the coffee world, a "coyote" is a middleman that often takes advantage of the farmers. The coyotes purchase coffee for a very low price and then will resell it at a huge mark-up to distributors. We are dedicated to paying a fair price, often well over the fair trade minimum, for our coffee. So we find sources that show transparency in their trade, are Fair Trade cooperatives or we buy directly from the farmer.

We are the Noble Coyote, so you can feel good about what's in your cup.


Introducing S.L.O. Coffees! February 13 2012

Noble S.L.O. (Selected Limited Offerings) series features unique beans that have captured our attention and taste buds.  These special coffees will be offered for a limited time.  Enjoy and explore the rest of this rotating series!