NGABE - Chiriqui, Panama - Micro-Lot - Shade Grown -Natural Process



Flavor Profile : Caramelized Sugar, Pomegranate, Green Apple
Roast Level :  Medium
Process : Dry / Natural Process
Varietal :  Catuai, Caturra, Pacamarca 
Microlot Farmers in Panama with the Ngäbe Tribe


This wonderful coffee is grown in the western region of Panama called Chiriqui.  It is a select microlot that comes from the Ngäbe tribe and is then milled by one cooperative called Santos Cáfe.  Each farm has met the SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) standard, which means that the coffee was grown at altitudes higher than 4,500 feet.  While coffee is the leading crop for the Ngäbe, other crops grown include corn, yucca, rice and beans.

The Ngäbe people have preserved their tribal language which creates a beautifully rich culture, but the problem this presents is a barrier to higher education because children only use Spanish in school.  Most Ngäbe children only complete 5 years of school and additional schooling is often only available in major cities.  Proceeds from the sale of this coffee goes toward funding a new school in the remote regions of the Ngäbe land.  A big barrier to the children's education pursuit is that their high schools are so far away from their local communities.  






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